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Motorcycle racing is so good - My first season on the Honda CBR250R is almost over?!



How time flies. It doesn't seem like three months since I was originally here, doing my race liense, but it was. Of course, that was on the rider development track and we're now on the storied full track.

Waiting for qualifying, i'm left reflecting on my progress. I can pretty much see where I was those few months ago a I ride around today. I have to admit, I was painfully scared that day. The memories have mostly faded, but I remember costa constantly telling me I needed to go faster. I've tried to ever since.

Shannonville, the first race, was an eye opener for me. Not only do I have try and go faster, but I'm also learning the flags, the lights and how to not get in people's way. I'm the slowest and I'm also comfortable with it. Well, perhaps not comfortable but accepting. To be honest, I was still scared.

I think it started to click at st eustache for me, but. It immediately. It took a few laps and then I managed to plant my left knee on the tarmac. At first, I pulled it up, but as the weekend progressed, the knee was down longer and each turn was taken just a little bit later and faster. It felt good.

Next up was shubenacadie, the most techinical track in Canada, or so the website says. It was bumpy in a way that made Shannonville look world class, but boy is it fun. After the previous two flat tracks, it was fun to experience evlevation changes. And again, i was faster still. It turned out there were also only two of us and it should have been a sure fire podium. Instead, the first race turned out to be my first ever crash, a low side at turn 2. Then again, the second race also was my first podium. While I felt somewhat guilty standing there effectively by default, I'd also earned it and spraying the champagne felt amazing.

Next was Tremblant and a wet ride. The track day prior was also my second ever crash. This one was much faster but there was still no damage to me. The fairing was less lucky and its currently headed back to my house, a torn fibreglass and grass encrusted memento to my first season. Tremblant also turned out to be an amazing place to ride in the wet, too. Flat, flowing and rewarding and probably my favourite track of all of them.

And so, here I am back at mosport, where it all started. I had a track day yesterday and throughly loved it, though I've also got a lot to work on. It's the kind of track you rarely roll the throttle off, and break in just one corner, and I'm out qualifying in about an hour. I'm looking forward to it. It's a final chance to out all I've learned into one perfect weekend. And it is a perfect weekend. High twenties, no cloud and a slight breeze.

Alex warming up on the CBR250R at Mosport CSBK

Alex warming up on the CBR250R at Mosport CSBK

Racing is so good.

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