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New bike Kawasaki Versus 650

Bachok, Kelantan, Malaysia

Finally I have achieved my dream, which is to buy myself a decent bike here in Malaysia

Kawasaki Versus 650

Kawasaki Versus 650

Because of taxation the choice of superbikes in Malaysia is extremely limited. My former bike in the UK is not available here and the sterling equivalent of this Versus 650 is the same as the cost of my FJR 1300 in the UK. The 41000 Ringgit is more than most people here can afford and most people finance their bikes over many years.

I was worried initially about having a superbike in Malaysia because I work in KLCC and spend much of my journey weaving between stationary or very slow moving cars but I needn't have worried. Within just one day I felt as comfortable worming my way through traffic as I did on my FZ150. The bike is really high and the seating position is such that I can't put both put feet flat on the ground at the same time. However, owing to its height, the handlebars and mirrors are above the height of car's door mirrors so I can squeeze between the cars really closely. That instinctive peripheral vision where you don't really have to look at the gap distance between cars to know whether you can fit or not came quite quickly.

I've done 600km on the bike so far and it's booked in for its first 1000km service next Saturday. I'm looking forward to really being able to open up the throttle on the highway very soon.

Wishing you all safe biking.

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7 months ago

I just stumbled upon this blog introducing the new Kawasaki Versys 650, and I can't contain my excitement for this versatile machine. Kawasaki is one of the Best bike in India


91 months ago

I've done 20,000km on it now!