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New Motorcycling Book - John McGuinness: TT Legend

‟I'm forty now, stronger than ever, and I'm still winning races.” John McGuinness is one of the few professional motorcycle racers of our time that can make such a statement and still appear humble.

John McGuinness: TT Legend

John McGuinness: TT Legend

This new hardcover 228 x 282mm (9 x 11inch) book features over 150 photographs from iconic motorsports photographer Stephen Davison with words narrated by McGuinness himself. The story told within the pages goes back as far as McGuinness's childhood spent in his father's bike shop all the way through to his 19th TT win this year.

McGuinness is regarded as the second most successful TT racer in history, standing behind all-time great Joey Dunlop. During the 2007 Isle of Man TT (IOMTT), McGuinness became the first man to go past the 130mph (210km/h) mark in a road race and is currently the fastest man to go around the 37.7mile (60.7km) long island course with an average speed of 131.578mph (211.754km/h) in 2009.

For those wondering what his competition machine is, John rides a TT Legends spec Honda CBR1000RR. This beast of a bike is capable of 210bhp and 88lb-ft of torque. Coupled with a ready-to-ride weight of 364lbs (165kg), quick math tells us that this bike has a power to weight ratio of 1,273bhp per tonne. That, for those unsure, is a LOT.

Steven Davison was coined ‟The world's No. 1 Pure Road Racing Photographer” by MCN (Motor Cycle News) and his stunning work has been featured in innumerable papers, magazines, books, and websites over the years.

The book is currently available online through publishing house Blackstaff Press and retailer Amazon UK.

Cover photograph courtesy of Blackstaff Press.

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