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Odds and Ends of Dainese G. EVO SYSTEM D-DRY Jacket

For serious motorcycle enthusiasts looking for an all-purpose jacket ready for both off-road and on-road use, Dainese has designed a line of weather-adaptable options. Whether your purpose is staying dry and warm on colder month rides or need a bit more breathing room during the hotter seasons, the D-Dry All Season jacket line has you covered - literally. Of the two available models in the D-Dry line, the G. Evo System jacket is the affordable, younger sibling. Don't underestimate this Evo's abilities, though, because it's just about everything you'll need in an all-around riding jacket.

Featuring a chic design aesthetic akin to mod construction, riders can look great barreling through curves or blasting through sand-packed dunes with the Evo System D-Dry jacket. However, the Evo isn't as vain as you or me, therefore it does not rely on its stylish looks in order to reach a dedicated audience. Stuffed with more features than a standard riding jacket can harness and constructed of a high-tenacity polyamide fabric, the Evo combines comfort and protection when it's needed most.

Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle Jackets

Dainese was thoughtful to include a waist adjustment system on the Evo System D-Dry jacket to better adapt to its riders specific dimensions. Fasten the bottom of the jacket to your favorite riding pants to maintain a system of closure while riding, keeping the harmful elements away from your body.

Like any acceptable sport riding jacket, riders can easily adjust wrist depth as needed to best suit their own needs. If weather becomes a bit too hot but riders wish to keep the Evo in rotation, removable sleeves improve breathability. But the jacket itself is built on a breathable, waterproof membrane as it is, therefore it's already a resilient choice for less than desirable weather situations. A removable thermal liner is also included to better adapt the Evo to the day's conditions, making this a suitable option for year-long riding.

Protection comes in many different forms with the Evo, and it's not limited to just crash and weather resistance. Reflective inserts help you improve your visibility among other riders and more importantly, other motorists on the road. The rear of the Dainese G. Evo System D-Dry jacket allows for the company's own G-1 or G-2 back plates to be inserted for maximum protection. Maintain a sense of formal attire with this jacket, but harness the performance protection from a real sport bike jacket. Composite protectors come with the Evo, but they're removable in case the rider does not need the extra support. While the interior liner is also removable, riders may want to keep this addition for its convenient pocket feature.



It's difficult to say if there's a situation that the Dainese Evo D-Dry jacket is not useful. Of course, if you're scrubbing jumps or sliding through turns, you'll want the proper gear. However, most of us are just motorcycle enthusiasts and competition is never really in the picture, therefore the Evo is a perfect fit for any type of rider.

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