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Play the Ride Out UK

England, United Kingdom

Find out all about the Ride Out UK. Discover the best motorcycle points of interest and routes from the north, south, east and west UK. Play for a chance to win up to £1000 in prizes. 

Check out how to play at RRO How-To-Play, and view the official Rules and Regulations.

Ride Out UK, 2022

Ride Out UK, 2022

How do I join?

Joining the game is easy! Follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Trophy icon to view the Games in the bottom navigation bar
  2. Under "Featured Games", select the Rude Ride Out and tap the JOIN button to join the game
  3. Read and accept the rules of the game
  4. Browse challenges by region under “Available Challenges”. For routes, choose the “Display on Map” option to see the necessary points on our Map screen
  5. Choose Record and start to ride
Five Easy Steps to Play

Five Easy Steps to Play

How do I collect ballot entries for the Grand Prize?

Regardless of your leaderboard ranking, you only need 500 points to earn a ballot to win. For every 500 points earned, you earn one ballot for the Grand Prize Draw and get your chance to win Yamaha gear of your choice valued at approximately £1000. A random draw will be conducted from all ballots. 

How do I get points from the automatic check-in?

Points are accumulated by visiting geographic locations. The map on the ESR map will show a grey pin marker on POIs within 50 km of your starting location, or routes that you've started to play (by choosing View on Map on the challenge screen).

When you ride within 100 metres of the necessary point, known as a “geofence”, the ESR app will automatically log this point as "achieved" and the pin will turn blue. No action is required by you to check in. 

For a POI, you will earn points immediately when you pass into the geofence. Additionally, you will see a confirmation dialogue informing you on how many points you've earned. 

For a Route, you will only earn points once you've passed through all of the necessary geofences. Additionally, you will see a confirmation dialogue informing you on how many points you've earned after logging the last location. 

What's the difference between a POI and a Route challenge?

POI challenges are singular locations (a Point of Interest!) that will earn you 150 points for visiting. Meanwhile, route challenges are a series of locations that must all be logged in order to earn points. While completing a route is more challenging and time-consuming, it will also net you anywhere between 250 and 500 points (depending on the route's difficulty).

How long does it take to complete a route?

The 11 available routes feature anywhere from 6 to 11 locations and should take you around 2 hours to ride, end-to-end. This can vary based on traffic, road conditions and other factors. 

How long is my Route progress saved?

Once you begin a route and log one of its locations, your progress will be saved for 24 hours. If you do not achieve all points on the route within the 24-hour window, your progress will be lost.  

Remember: to earn points, you must visit each of the locations along a route. 

How often can I collect points for redoing the same Route or POI?

Challenges are repeatable, but only after a 5-day blackout period. That means you won’t be able to collect points again from a specific challenge until 5 days have passed. Each repeat visit to an already-achieved POI will earn you 50 fewer points to a minimum of 50 points, and each repeat visit to an already-achieved route will earn you 100 fewer points to a minimum of 50 points. This game mechanism is designed to remove unfair advantages. 

Can I get directions to locations in the Rude Ride Out?

Unfortunately, turn-by-turn navigation is still not possible on the ESR app. That being said, the ESR app can run and record in the background while you use another application (Waze, Google Maps, etc.) as a navigator. Simply input the location that you wish to travel to into one of these apps, then start recording on ESR. Even if your screen is asleep or the ESR app is in the background, you will still be logged as visiting a location in the Rude Ride Out game. 

Android Users: for help with keeping your app running in the background, see this support article

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