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Q&A with Toni Sharpless, 2018 TMFF Judging Panel Member

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toni Sharpless

Toni Sharpless

If you're not familiar with the name Sharpless and the mark the family has made on Canadian motorcycle racing, do a quick Google lookup; we'll wait...

Welcome back. As for Toni, the highlights of her career include becoming national junior class ice racing champion and the first woman to win a Canadian Motorcycle Association championship, one of the first women to quality and finish the prestigious Daytona 200, racing for Yamaha in the Suzuka 8-hour world endurance series, racing the Bol d’Or and Lemans 24 hour race, recipient of the Woman of Influence Award and in 2011, inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Toni was a member of our Judging Panel last year and we're thrilled that she's back. Listen to our conversation below and if you have any comments for Toni, leave them below.

Q&A with Judging Panel Member Toni Sharpless | TMFF 2018

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