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Ronnie Renner from Dirt Bike to Snow Bike in Idaho Backcountry

When you breed a motorcycle with a snowmobile you get a "snowbike".

Snowbiking is a relatively new professional sport. Since it's premiere at the Winter X Games 2017 in Aspen, Colorado, we're seeing dirt bike racers going pro. Ronnie Renner is a Moto-X athlete and free-rider from Florida. When he's not racing or riding sand dunes in the Mohave Desert, he's riding pro snow bike. A snow bike has a frame of a dirt bike and the front wheel is replaced by a single ski, and the back wheel with a tread.

Ronnie Renner's Snow Biking or as he calls it: Life at Speed jump

Ronnie Renner's Snow Biking or as he calls it: Life at Speed jump

Renner explains: "I've seen a lot of things, done a lot of things on my dirt bike, and now to put this track and ski on the front it's like game on for a a whole new chapter. It's one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life and I'm addicted to it and plan on riding this wave as long as I can. I'm gonna rock it until the tracks fall off."

Ronnie Renner Snow Biking in Idaho Backcountry

The snow bike is a DIY alteration from a dirt bike, you can buy a conversion kit from Timbersled, the US company who popularised the snow bike, or check out one of our top seven conversion kits.

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