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Saddle Sore 1000

Upper Nazareth, United States

Currently planning a saddle sore 1000 ride for the second weekend in September. I'm taking Pa route 78 to route 33 to route 80w. I'll stay on 80 until just south of Michigan and then hop on 50n for a few miles until we reach Tecumseh Harley. That's approximately 560 miles. We will get a shirt, gas up and follow the same route back home. I've planned all the stops which range around 100 to 120 miles apart. I'll be riding my ape hanger Harley Deluxe 2-up. If the weather is crap, we will move it out a weekend. This has been in my bucket list for a long time so it's about time to cross it off the list.

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95 months ago

Good luck. I wish I could join you. September and October I've plans every weekend. first weekend in October I may take the bike to Pulaski for Salmon fishing.


96 months ago

@DrewT staying balanced is important, I get low blood sugar easily. I'm going to pack the tour bag with plenty of water and protein. We plan on stopping for a hot lunch and a hot dinner. I picked up an Airhawk for my girl. She seems to think it helps. My ass is okay in my seat so I'll be good in that department. For me it's about getting my back in good enough shape. With three bad discs that's always the challenge.


96 months ago

Eat hot food- the morale boost is better than caffeine and well balanced blood sugar keeps your focus sharper than just snacking at gas stops (as I often foolishly do)


96 months ago

Awesome man, go get it!