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Safe and Secure Motorcycle Shipping: How Shipping Companies Ensure Safety

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Shipping a motorcycle can take two approaches- either you drive yourself or ship through a reliable motorcycle collection and delivery service . Though driving seems to be a lucrative option, the method can be time consuming, tiring and also poses a risk of potential damage. Contacting a motorcycle collection and delivery service not only ensures the safe delivery of your vehicles but also saves time. If you choose pickup timelines in advance, you can also save a substantial amount on shipping costs. First time motorcycle shippers, however, may get skeptical about motorcycle collection and delivery service as they are concerned about motorcycle safety, which is natural. The blog post discusses five ways to ship your motorcycle without any damage.

Motorcycle shipping service

Motorcycle shipping service

1. Using LiftGate Trucks
Motorcycle ramps are things of the past as a number of motorcycle collection and delivery services use trucks with liftgates to load your motorcycle on the trailer. The method is safe as liftgates are strong enough to bear the weight of the motorcycle and there is no risk of toppling the motorcycle.

2. Strapping the Motorcycle
The second step for a secure motorcycle shipping is to strap the motorcycle to the pickup truck or trailer. Ratchet straps or heavy duty loops are generally used to tie handlebars to the truck trailer as there is no risk of ripping off the painted components of the motorcycle or dings and scratches during the transit. Strapping the motorcycle further prevents any forward or sideways motion of the motorcycle on bumpy roads, ensuring it’s safe during transit.

3. Placing Wheel Chocks
Wheel chocks provide extra protection to heavy motorcycles such as cruisers and touring bikes during the transit. Chocks placed behind the front and rear wheel absorb the excess pressure off the ratchet straps, as the motorcycle is likely to fumble forward or backward on rough roads during the transit.

4. Attaching a Soft Loop to the Rear Wheel
Reputed motorcycle collection and delivery services make every effort that your motorcycle remains in a stable, neutral position during transit and there is no risk of any mechanical or cosmetic damage. Apart from the handlebars, a soft loop strap is also connected to the ratchet strap at the rear wheel, except for the motorcycles with spokes as soft loop tension may damage the spokes. A rag is also placed on the soft loop to avoid scraping off the paint for extra protection.

5. Enclosed Shipping Options
You can choose between open and enclosed trailer shipping options depending on the time of the year, cost and safety preferences. Open shipping comes at low price point, but your motorcycle is exposed to road debris, inclement weather and other road elements during the transit. Enclosed shipping is highly secure as your motorcycle is shielded through a roof on the top along with enclosure on the sides. This type of auto shipping may be costly and is suitable for classic motorcycles.

The Bottom Line
The failsafe way to ship your motorcycle is to contact a reliable motorcycle collection and delivery service. Availing motorcycle shipping services can remove the guesswork from the process and ensure that the motorcycle is safely hauled and delivered to the required destination. Once you hand over your bike to a motorcycle shipping company after the requisite paperwork and insurance, you can be rest assured that your motorcycle is in safe hands and can also track the precise location of the shipper during transit.

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