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Saturday Scramble #2 - Almost Stepped on a RattleSnake!

San Luis, Arizona, United States

Saturday Scramble #2 - Almost Stepped on a RattleSnake!

Here I decide to go on a Betty’s Kitchen and Mittry Lake Adventure. Then I shit my pants because of a baby rattlesnake, and I find my limits on off road trails lol. I saw a lot. I enjoyed every bit of it. I hope you all like this video! Expect another next Saturday!! Subscribe and share!!

Also, this is my very first video edit on my brand new computer! First edit in Adobe Premiere Pro. I am so used to FCPx and this was a difficult transition. Hope everyone enjoys it.


Swastika Bridge: http://goo.gl/3ondc4

Betty’s Kitchen: http://goo.gl/pmjs2w

Mittry Lake: http://goo.gl/blhq3d

RELLIM - Paper Skin

For more information on all the gear I use, visit my website athttp://www.dandanthefireman.net/

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93 months ago

Great scenery and nice video. Editing seemed well done for being first time with new software.