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Serious challenge!

Grevena, Greece

Today's ride: Grevena - Anilio (via Egnatia Odos) - Chaliki - then back: via Metsovo - Milia - Krania - Kipoureio - Grevena.

2016-06-22: Grevena - Anilio - Chaliki (Trikala, Greece)

If you need a serious challenge of your riding abilities, then try the road from Anilio to Chaliki:

Narrow and winding road with dozens of really (I mean really) sharp curves. You have to ride in first and second gear, constantly alert, watching for cars coming your way (barely enough room for both the car and the bike), for debris and rocks on the pavement and for broken parts of the poor quality tarmac.


The route is so beautiful, especially those 15 Km under the trees.

Also, you get to meet smiling, hospitable people (and their "smiling" but not so hospitable dogs 🙂

And, most important:

Just check the view from up there (altitude of ~1200 m) and breathe in the vibrant feeling of being alive after such an adventurous ride.

On the road to Chaliki

On the road to Chaliki

Totally worth it!

Bonnie on the road to Chaliki

Bonnie on the road to Chaliki


Now, if you want to plan for a longer trip than the circular route shown here, there are many choices S, SE or SW from Chaliki.

If you need some rest, there is in Chaliki a small Hotel and some restaurants.

No gas stations though. Better fuel up in Metsovo or Peristeri.

Note: The part of the road shown in these shots -about 5 Km from Chaliki- is the easiest part, nothing like the last 18 Km.

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97 months ago

@marina Unfortunately, I didn't: low battery - and since I almost always ride alone, I couldn't risk my phone going dead. May be some other time 🙂


97 months ago

Hey gfidias this route looks awesome. Did you track the ride using the ESR app? If you did can you can share the interactive route?