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Side By Side, Worldwide - the 2024 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride aims for 1000 Rides on May 19

New South Wales, Australia

Motorcyclists can sometimes be a scruffy lot.
But for one day each year, even the scruffiest of us can make ourselves look dashing and dapper, especially when it's for a good cause.
And that good cause is the annual Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.
This year's ride takes place on Sunday, May 19 around the world. The goal is to have 1000 rides with the “Side by Side, Worldwide” campaign.
“In 2024, we have set ourselves the goal of reaching 1000 cities around the world,” said DGR founder Mark Hawwa. “We have ridden with each other on the same day all around the world since 2012. Our community is one that comes together, despite borders and oceans, riding side by side to raise increasingly critical funds and awareness for men’s mental health and prostate cancer. DGR 2024 is the year that we celebrate our fellow gentlefolk around the world that we ride alongside, united by a passion, and driven by the cause.”
Since it began in 2012, the DGR has raised more than $48 million US for men's mental health and prostate cancer initiatives through the DGR's partner Movember.
That first year the event was started in Sydney, Australia by Hawwa, who saw actor Don Draper on a motorcycle in his most fashionable Mad Men suit and was inspired to bring riders together for a common goal. In 2012, 3000 riders in 64 cities took part.
To say that the event has become popular is a bit of an understatement, last year 106,000 riders in 893 cities spread across 107 countries raised a whopping $7.45 million.
Because Triumph is the main sponsor, there are some pretty damn nice prizes up for grabs. The top fundraiser worldwide gets a limited edition Thruxton Final Edition and a Hedon X DGR 2024 Kingpin helmet. The second top fundraiser gets a Triumph Bonneville T120 Black and Hedon x DGR 2024 helmet, while the third-place fundraiser in the world gets a Triumph Scrambler 1200 and a Hedon x DGR 2024 helmet. Each of the top three also gets a $250 US Quad Lock voucher.
There are many other prizes including more helmets, more Quad Locks, patches, and pins, and another, yes another, brand new Triumph in the Gentlefolk Prize Competition.
This is a random draw which will be open to all participants who have completed the eligibility requirements. You can find out more and register online.

The DGR takes place May 19. DGR photo

The DGR takes place May 19. DGR photo

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2 days ago

The annual Distinguished Gentleman's Ride brilliantly transforms the motorcycle community into a global force for good, uniting riders from diverse backgrounds in dapper attire to raise significant funds and awareness for men's mental health and prostate cancer, showcasing the power of camaraderie and philanthropy.
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5 days ago

I participated and found the race great! Thank you, organizers.

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