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Somewhere Else Tomorrow: A Motorcycle Trip Against All Odds - Documentary

Niederdorla, Thüringen, Germany

In 2008 Daniel Rintz, a naive dreamer, attempted to travel the world on his motorcycle surviving only on the money he made along the way. Three years and 27 countries later Daniel finally returned home changed forever. Daniel’s journey entices us into watching and wanting more.

Somewhere Else Tomorrow

Somewhere Else Tomorrow

Somewhere Else Tomorrow is a feature length documentary written, directed and produced by Jupiter Traveler, Daniel Rintz.

"When it’s just you and your bike, your bike becomes your home. And wherever you stop that is your home." Rintz takes us on his journey across tight mountain roads, we join him when he's stranded at the Afghanistan boarder with a broken ball bearing, and we freeze with him as he drags his BMW GS80 through a seemingly impassible snow storm.

Sleeping under the stars

Sleeping under the stars

Watch the trailer and buy the film at: Open-Explorers

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95 months ago

This looks great! Now on my list to watch.