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Suzuki tests the waters with a scrambler version of their naked cult favorite; 2017 SV650 Scrambler

Compton, California, United States

Suzuki Tests Waters With Scrambler Version of Naked Cult Favorite; 2017 SV650 Scrambler




With just about every motorcycle manufacturer producing so-called "Scrambler models" in recent years, it's no surprise that Suzuki has thrown their hat into the Scrambler ring as well with the limited-release SV650 Scrambler. This new offering will only be available in France in limited numbers, but if sales are high enough this model might see wider distribution.


The SV650 was an instant sales success and fan favorite when it was introduced in 1999. Its mid-sized V-twin engine, upright ergonomics and stripped down minimalist appearance made the SV a popular choice for riders seeking an economic and sensible, but fun to ride commuter bike. Suzuki's ability to keep costs down was (and still is) a big part of the bike's success in the global market.

The SV650 Scrambler, Scrambling

The SV650 Scrambler, Scrambling


The limited release of this new SV model could indicate that Suzuki is interested in joining the increasingly popular Scrambler market, but not before verifying the existence of an interested market. Modifying the already popular SV into a Scrambler spec model gives the manufacturer a chance to do a mini-run before committing to global production and sales, and building a completely new Scrambler model from scratch.

The SV650 Scrambler; right side

The SV650 Scrambler; right side


The SV650 Scrambler is a stock 2017 SV650 that's had several modifications to make it more Scrambler-y. The exhaust appears to be unchanged, but new bigger off-road style foot pegs, radiator side guards, a higher and wider handlebar, headlight cover along with a small windscreen give it a Scrambler look. In addition a shorter front fender subtly adds to the Scrambler style and the beautifully stitched brown "tuck n' roll" seat cements the look.


This new SV variation rolls out of the factories onto French roads on Dunlop Mutant tires in a black-on-black paint scheme with an MSRP (including tax in France) of €7,999, ($8,600), $1,100 more than the standard stock 2017 SV650 (ABS model).

The SV Scrambler's protective headlight cover. (cosmetic only)

The SV Scrambler's protective headlight cover. (cosmetic only)

Because the bikes are only being released in France, Suzuki has opted to only include the model on its Suzuki-France website. Below is a link to the website for anyone who speaks French and wants to know more about the bike, or is lucky enough to live in Europe.

Also below is the promotional video for the SV650 Scrambler (which features a magical bike-customizing superhero), and a photo gallery of the bike with many additional detailed photos that don't require fluency in Rrench.

Montez avec caution!

Suzuki Scrambler Website

The SV650 Scrambler; left side

The SV650 Scrambler; left side

Nouvelle (New) SUZUKI SV650 Scrambler

__ All photos, specs/info and video courtesy of Suzuki-Moto.com__

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