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The Best Motorcycle Routes in Texas

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The Best Motorcycle Routes in Texas

The Best Motorcycle Routes in Texas

When you think about Texas, your mind may drift to the imagery of gallant cowboys atop their horses as they gallop down the dusty road. Nowadays, however, Texas is known for being so much more than this. For riders, it’s heaven on earth with its scenic routes and highways, and riders can enjoy Texas for its vast desert plains and mountains. If you’re looking to explore this state, we’ve just compiled the best routes that you can enjoy. Let’s ride!

The Three Sisters

Also known as the Twisted Sisters, this route is where you can enjoy the vast scenery of Texas, including rivers, authentic Texas ranches, and twisting mountain curves. Take note of the infamous Nueces River along the ranch RD 335, which has sharp turns. Make sure you approach this road with calculated speed. 

Guadalupe River Road

Another notable river road that you shouldn’t pass up is the Guadalupe River Road. The low bridges in the area are a unique sight to see. Many riders recommend this particular route for inexperienced riders as an alternative to the 306 since it has gentle bends and turns. Note, however, that there are also sharp turns and limited sight distance. This route is perfect if you plan to mix off-road camping as the area has plenty of stops where you can enjoy a picnic or two.

Rio Grande River Road

If you are riding to marvel at the mountain ranges of Texas, we suggest you take this route and start from the Alpine to proceed south heading to Highway 118. This spot is perfect when you want to ride while enjoying the stars that light up the night sky. For some gorgeous mountain peaks, head west on 170 once you reach the Big Ben Resort. If you’re riding in the morning, you may witness the field of bluebonnets where you would feel the wonderful spring season.

Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

Another Texas route you need to experience is the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive towards the Santa Elena Canyon. This roadway begins from the Big Bend National Park and culminates in the Santa Canyon Overlook and Trail. In this semi-arid desert, you’d be surprised to see the best rock formations and cliffs that separate the U.S. from Mexico. It’s best to head on this drive in the spring or fall.

The Red River Cruise

If you want to take on the Red River Cruise, expect to see the beautiful scenery of the hills and the countryside throughout Denton. You will also witness the enormous windmills at the wind power generation farm. This is one way to truly see Texas with a new set of eyes.

Hippie Hollow Horror Road

If you desire some wild rides, head to the Hippie Hollow Horror. Start from the northwest of Austin and follow the road through the northern side of Lake Travis, and you’ll never regret taking our advice. You will surely get to enjoy some of the best views. With its twisted curves, it will definitely give you a crazy ride.

Riding your motorbike is one of the best ways to experience life in its rawest form. Sure, Texas is still rife with authentic ranches where cowboys may ride their stallions, but experiencing this state through a motorcycle may just be as unforgettable. Make sure you ride safely by putting on your helmet and planning your ride accordingly.

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