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The Great Khan Charges On

Moin Khan rode his Honda CBR600 sportbike into Turkey's mountains in December en route to Iran

Moin Khan rode his Honda CBR600 sportbike into Turkey's mountains in December en route to Iran


Spoke to the ramblin' motorcycle man from Pakistan, Moin Khan some days ago. He's riding a Honda CBR600 f4i with stock tires from San Francisco to Pakistan, via the USA, Canada, Europe and now the Middle East (As of Dec 14/11, he's in Iran).

At the time he was in Bucharest, recovering from a nasty encounter with an illegally left-turning car in Arad, Romania that sent him and his motorcycle flying 50 feet through the air and into a patch of serious doubt about his ability to continue on.

Healing from broken back ribs and a cracked thumb

He's been getting better speedily, and was also doing well by the kindness of local Bucharesters to get his well-crunched Honda back to roadworthiness.

Since we spoke, I see by his FB page he's made his way into Istanbul, Turkey and now only has only a few countries left before he powerslides through that last curve into his hometown, Lahore, Pakistan, where he's sure to get an insane welcome.


The patient, shown in mid surgery here, recovered fully**


I like this kid. He's brave. He's tough. He's got heart and he's eccentric in all the ways true legends ought to be. Now around 20,000 miles into his trip to 'change perceptions about Pakistan', he began in San Francisco and is zig-zagging along a route built more on whim, weather and friendly visa issuers than expedience.

He's riding not a dual-sport or tourer, but a Honda CBR 600 F4i sportbike for up to 15 hrs a day. He's a hero back home, has had interviews with the BBC, the Pakistan English daily Dawn and has likely done more good for his country's reputation than any other Pakistani in living memory.

He just thought it up and did it. ESR salutes you, Moin. Follow the man here:



(Above: Easy being green: Moin at his embarkation in San Francisco where he'd finished uni and was all, 'Maybe corporate dronehood ain't quite the life for me.')

(Images from Moin's FB page)

I'm still sitting here:

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