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The little engine that could

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

i was always a bit sceptic about the grom, to be completely honest i only got it because i couldnt afford anything bigger. now though, i am a huge fan, with the limited edition bucket seat, and the lower bars i put on it it became one of the most fun bikes i ever owned! its the combination of the just right amount of power and light weight which results in a bike that's easy as hell to ride. tobe honest though im looking forward to modifying it more, im REALLY considering making my own stretch kit, bigger 13" wheels, some vinyl wrap.. and the most important one: the 06 yamaha rapotor 680 engine swap!! i cant wait to drop that bad boy down on BamBam. if i may say so, its looking like alot of bench time for this bike but its really worth it.. or atleast thats my personal opinion

BamBam infront of my house

BamBam infront of my house

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