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The new Indian Chief review first hundred miles

Midland, United States

So when I had my midlife crisis, I took up riding. I tell my self it was to pay less in property taxes, it is odd that it was about the time I turned 45, just saying. This year was my wife’s 50 birthday, and the riding big has bitten her as well. So I bought her the new 2022 Indian Super Chief. She is a new rider, and we been practicing. This is the review of her first 100 miles. First off this bike is beautiful, it is a mid size bike Indian really needed. It handles like a dream, the weight is so low, that she has not had any issue moving the bike on corners, turns, etc. The bike is over 700 pounds but feels much lighter, the only time the weight was an issue, was when she parked face first down hill. It was a heavy lesson the lear. The bike is very fast, has three riding modes, but for now she is staying in touring mode. I played in sport mode for a bit, bike is scary fast! Now, what is not to like? Well the seat is hard as a rock, if it does not break in we are going to have to swap that out. The handle bars are not back far enough for me, forcing me to sit forward, but she likes it. It took me minute to find the battery charger, which is at the back bottom of the bike. Outside of that it is an amazing machine. When ESR fixes the bug that will not let you post photos I will add some pictures.

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