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The Original Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Alberta, Canada

Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Predator Motorcycle Helmet

The Predator 1 motorcycle helmet is Designed by Russian company, NLO- Moto. It's not certified for road use, in fact NLO-Moto offers the following warning on their site: 'Predator helmet is novelty and not DOT'.

It may not be legal but it is in one sexy helmet. You can't ride with it but it makes one wicked predator costume.

The Predator helmet can be customized starting at a base price of $780, NLO- Moto offers extra accessories, such as a protective face shield, improved graphics & airbrushing, engravings, a carbon fibre shell, carbon fibre tips for the Predator's dreadlocks and teeth.

Best of all,there is a laser-controlled aim option! No word yet on an invisibility option.

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134 months ago

It is a really nice helmet. I have been following it around the web and there has been a lot of controversy. I understand that initially, some people expected that it was DOT approved.