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Think of the Widescape WS250 as a dirt bike for the winter woods

Saguenay, Québec, Canada

If you feel the urge to get out and ride although there’s 60cm of snow on the ground, or you live somewhere warm and just want to experience snow (why would you, my advice is get a snow globe, shake it, look at it, and then wisely ride your bike to the beach), you might as well take a look at the Widescape WS250.

Don't let winter weather make you stop riding. Widescape

Don't let winter weather make you stop riding. Widescape

The best way to describe it is a combination dirt bike and snowmobile. You ride it constantly standing up so it’s different than either a motorcycle or snowmobile. Widescape calls it a ‘snow-bike’ and I guess that makes sense because that’s what it looks just like.

The idea and machine were created in Quebec, where they know a thing or two about snow and inventing snowmobiles, so you can be assured it’s been tested in all types of wintry weather conditions.

Riding Widescape's WS250 | The Most Fun We've Had Standing Up!

A brief look at the machine shows that the WS250 has a telescopic fork front end with a reasonable amount of travel (140mm with 100mm of rear travel) with a 12-inch wide front ski sort of like one of those GT snowmakers the kids use and a 12-inch track like a snowmobile.

The WS250 is powered by a fuel-injected 242cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine putting out 20hp. The power is delivered through a CVT transmission like you expect to find on a snowmobile.

Because it’s a narrow machine, you can go places that the big sleds can’t. Because it’s also light at just 200 pounds, you aren’t afraid to thread your way between trees in the deepest powder.

Go off trail with confidence. Widescape

Go off trail with confidence. Widescape

Ride reports say it’s easy to learn to ride and quick to get the hang of in the field. You can adjust the bar height to make it comfortable for you. Think of it as more of a play bike than a snow focused adventure bike or touring machine and you’ll be plenty happy with this winter wonder.

It's small and light and easy to transport. Widescape

It's small and light and easy to transport. Widescape

You can book a test ride or reserve your WS250 today or make plans to check one out at some upcoming showcase events.

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