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Tips for New Riders

Tips for New Riders

By Anya Violet

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We have had a lot of ladies reach out to us recently asking for advice on how to get into riding motorcycles. I think everyone will answer this question a little differently but I would like to share my thoughts on this with you.

Everyones journey to two wheels starts differently. Everyone will tell you something different and really you just need to see what is going to work best for you!

In my opinion, if you are thinking of learning to ride, I would recommend starting on a dirtbike (preferably one that is small enough to where you can dead lift it off of you if you need to). This will get you comfortable with the feeling of being on a bike and with the mechanics of shifting and breaking and Braaaaaaping. Make sure you ALWAYS wear proper gear because you will fall several times. We all do, that’s part of the fun! You can probably rent one or borrow one from someone and you will want to spend a solid amount of time riding it. One weekend probably isn’t enough. Get to a point where you feel confident hopping on it and maneuvering it through a variety of terrain. You don’t need to be able to shred massive hill climbs and jump doubles, but finding the confidence in turns and being comfortable with shifting and breaking etc is key. Ask yourself how you feel after learning to ride a dirtbike. Does it still scare the shit out of you? Is it fun, but more scary than fun? Or is it the most fun ever? It is important to check in with yourself and decide whether this is for you, or not, before taking the next step. Riding dirt bikes before hitting the road will make you a much better street rider! I promise!

Once you feel good on a dirtbike, take a motorcycle safety/training course!!! This is a super rad learning experience and they have great instructors and usually a variety of bikes so you can choose something that you see yourself actually riding (at least the one I went to did) A lot of people that take these courses have never even sat on a motorcycle so don’t be intimidated!

If you passed the motorcycle training course you are ready for the road according to the law (in California). Check in with yourself again. Do you consider yourself to be a confident driver when you’re in a car? That is usually a good indicator of what type of motorcyclist you will be. The number one most important question to ask yourself is this: does the thrill outweigh the fear? If you are scared shitless everytime you hop on your bike then you should NOT ride motorcycles. If you get more and more confident every time you ride and you love it more and more, then you are on the right track. Push yourself, but not too hard. You do not want to be a liability on the road! You will end up out of your comfort zone probably several times as we all do. You just need to broaden your comfort zone a bit more each time!

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous no matter what way you look at it. Having respect for that is crucial.  Aside from just learning to ride your bike is the “other people on the road aspect”…. that is a whole other thing that you need to decide if you are comfortable with. A lot of moto accidents are caused by collisions with cars and you need to be aware of how to ride in a way that is defensive while also being respectful to other people on the road. This is NOT for everyone and if you love riding but are not comfortable on the road with all the other cars then stick to dirt and have the absolute time of you life on beautiful mountain trails and open desert roads. I have been riding for several years and I still get butterflys when I hop on my bike but I am not scared. I have found myself in scary situations but I am 90%-95% confident on any roads. It is important for everyone to get to that point at their own pace.

Make sure that you get on a motorcycle for the right reasons. Some people will tell you to just fuckin’ go for it and figure it out as you ride. To each their own! This might totally work for you as well, but I say; take is slow and enjoy the ride!


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57 months ago

dirt bikes n street bikes are two very different animals. imho i would suggest riding on the back of a comfortable cruiser/bagger with an experienced n safe rider. then if you find that enjoyable and Excilerating? go right to the motorcycle safety course. in that way you don't pick up any bad habits on the dirt bike that could leed to a more than bumpy bruisey outcome on a street bike. as i said before, just imho. been riding more than 40 years now, and ive seen this work as a very successful safe n rewarding formula for people wanting to learn to ride many dozens of times. for men n women.