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TOP GUN!! 1984 ZX900 purchase for $50 !!.. EZ> ? hmmmm

El Segundo, Ca, United States

Well I zipped down to a local automobile auction last week,

and there it was..

1984 Kawasaki ZX900.. complete, less the black roller can paint job some yahoo gave it.. gotta love that..

Great thing is, that it's fairing is almost perfect,

has what looks like rejetted carbs with pod air filters,

plus the real brass ring of this score,

A Yoshimura 4/1 Exhaust.. !! wicked.. can't wait to hear it on my 1985 ZX900..

I've been seeking an option without spending much, So Here it is.. I will post pictures pronto πŸ˜‰

I had AAA tow it to a friends, who didn't realize he had to be there,even tho I did confirm with him about the timing that the truck was coming, so not sure how that point got lost...

In the end, they woundn't drop off the bike since he wasn't there, then took it back to their towyard 30 minutes away and wanted to charge storage. Since it went back there, they processed it and AAA served me a cancellation notice of our account, so now I am writing to them to try and explain the bike was mine and for me, and to continue our service.. Word to the wise.. make sure you stick to tha rules *

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