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Want a Triumph Barbour Jacket?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2,300 riders entered, over 250,000 miles ridden!

Thank you to everyone who rode their asses off world-wide to win in the Triumph Barbour moto-style quilted waxed jacket.


Check to see if you're a finalist and update your profile to win.

Special thank you to Triumph Americas for supporting EatSleepRIDE's Leaderboard Challenge and providing the Barbour motorcycle jackets.


Having had the chance to ride with my Barbour, I can say it's quite awesome. The waxed cotton jackets are surprisingly satisfying for Fall riding. The designers got the feel of the waxed cotton right, although the Woman's jacket is a bit less "waxed" than the Men's. The pockets are right, everything I need fits. The weight is right, the D3O impact padding doesn't look bulky and I'm able to wear a suit jacket under my motorcycle jacket. Let's just say whomever wins the Men's or Woman's Barbour jacket is going to be quite delighted.

We are equally excited to offer a free 1 Year Subscription to CRASHLIGHT to 10 lucky winers!

Want to ride to win more great gear?

Let us know what you want in the comments. The more specific the product the better.

In the meantime, check the Leaderboard for the next challenge.

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91 months ago

Hi Guys, I'm working on all the suggestions! Keep'em coming. If there are any volunteers who would like to help with prizing in 2017 - pls don't be shy to message me! 

@thebigreddan @meladell @kershaw


92 months ago

Nice warm gloves for cold weather riding - maybe the Held Twin?


92 months ago

GoGo Gear kevlar leggings or hoodie!


93 months ago

Maria, how about something like a GoPro or a GPS.