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What`s the strangest Bike you`ve ridden?

I saw a picture of a Royal Enfield Diesel today and it reminded me of a time around 2004 when I rode one of these strange beasts. Yes, a Diesel motorcycle! Royal Enfield Starting making them in 1993 and they were fitted with a 325cc rated at a mighty 6.5hp and 15nm torque! The noise that emitted from it`s single chrome exhaust was more akin to a cement mixer; It was slow and didn`t really accelerate in the normal sense of the word, just gradually gathered momentum! It eventually topped out at around 50MPH on the speedo, but I suspect it might have been a tad optimistic....

A mate of mine had a classmate at College that had one, and reportedly it did over 200mpg!! I would say this was the weirdest bike I ever rode, stranger than the hand change vintage bikes and tuned road legal mini bikes as it was just so different to a "normal" motorbike.

Runner up has to be the crazy three wheeled 50cc scooter that is the Honda Gyro Canopy, when you lean the back wheels stay flat but the body tilts, bonkers! It has a windscreen, wiper and roof though to keep the weather off !

What`s the weirdest bike you`ve ridden?

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