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Winding Down....south.

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Somehow somewhere it was written that I should have earned a few weeks off. How better to utilize the time than to pack her up and go. The plan was to head straight for Mexico, explore and then wind my way back up the Mississippi home to Chicago. I knew the Suzuki DR 650 was up to the task having spent the previous winter on mods in the mechanical and comfort departments. I had tested her out on a little trip to the east coast. Now was the time for some Latin flavor. No stranger to packing light, it was easy to throw a canvas bag over the rear and head out the door. Easier said than done. Pushing her out the door, the kickstand caught just enough so that when I went to release, she fell over. All bundled and packed up, a sweat pouring down the insides of my helmet. and some of the worst curse words cutting the crisp early morning air. The worst part of righting her up was having to undress down to normal body operating tempeaturr and then finding just the right sized lever to straighten out the bent gear shifter. The lifting itself, no problem. Lots of experience in that department. Calm down, redress , assure wife that I am not a complete idiot and off I rode. About 10 blocks later, just before the expressway, I notice my left rear view mirror is wobbly.!@#$%&+?! !!! If I return back home, I would never leave. So, with a few twists of the mirror, I am temporarily back in the saddle and on the way. What happened next? Ah that's for the next story.

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