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Yes or No? Popping a wheelie is a violent act

Is popping a wheelie an act of violence?

Wheelie a violent act?

Wheelie a violent act?

I came across this today as New York moves to pass laws affecting motorcycle riders in the state. "So far, seven people, including an undercover but off- duty New York cop who was riding with the bikers, have been arrested and charged in the assault."

Up Close: Motorcycle road rage incident on ABC7 news in New York

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128 months ago

I'm a seasoned street racer then and I've got a couple of wins under my belt.

  • My winnings are meager however... @alex what if you are wheeling in a parking lot?

128 months ago

I wouldn't call it violent but pulling a wheelie is illegal in Ontario. It's considered stunting and the penalty is to basically lose your license... And if you want stupid, it two motorcycles pull off from the lights (or an intersection) at the same time, that can be considered racing.