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Your Motorhome Insurance Tips

Cardiff, X5, United Kingdom

Insurance is an issue that doesn’t still auger well with a majority of the folks out there. But at the camping and caravanning club we have made it our duty to ensure that all of our members are adequately informed on all matters pertaining to motorhome insurance. In order to get the right insurance package for your needs, we have compiled excellent tips that you can take advantage of if you really want to benefit from the lowest premium rates.


We have been providing motorhome insurance to our members for over 30 years now. Our members have never been happier considering our unwavering commitment to offer them optimum covers and services. We now introduce to you club care which is an insurance provider that will see a drastic reduction in the premiums you pay. Take a look at these amazing tips that we have compiled for you.

o If you regularly travel to Europe then you need to sign up for a motorhome insurance package as you will be covered for up to a year without having to pay extra on your current premium. As long as you are staying in one of the European countries, your normal premium rates apply as opposed to those companies that will demand that you buy another package.

o Members of the camping and caravanning club automatically qualify for a 5% discount on any insurance premium.

o Motorhome users who don’t travel that much throughout the year can easily benefit from low-mileage discounts offered by Club Care. While applying you should state that you don’t travel that much in a year.

o For members who have built a very good no claims bonus on their car, they can easily negotiate with Club care to see if or not they can match that with their motorhome policy. The great thing is that you don’t even have to be insured with Motor Home Insure to benefit from this negotiation.

o The drivers that you have named in your policy really matter when it comes to determining your premium rates. Younger and less experienced drivers will in most cases attract higher premiums. You are therefore better off removing their names from the list especially where they rarely get to drive the car.

o We are all concerned about the safety or security of our motorhome. By including items such as locks, tracking systems, and alarms that all increase the safety of the motorhome, your insurance provider will not hesitate to reduce your premium rates. In fact, with Club care you can end up saving up to 10%.

o You should re-evaluate the value of your motorhome yearly to ensure that you are not overpaying or underpaying. Although the latter might be to your best interests.

o Taking a motorhome maneuvering course will in more than one way earn you great discounts. Members of the camping and caravanning club can benefit from insurance discounts on their motorhome policies by participating in the one-day maneuvering courses offered.

o The place where your motorhome is stored counts when it comes to computing the premiums. City center postcodes are high risk areas while rural storage postcodes are low risk areas. You will benefit more from rural storage centers.

o Motorhomes that come with smaller engine sizes attract cheaper premiums than motorhomes that come with larger engines.

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